Knowl Docs

Getting Started

Welcome to the Knowl API Documentation Tool! This guide will help you set up in under 30 seconds and generate your accurate API documentation in just a few minutes. Please follow the steps below:
Install Knowl Package:
Run pip install knowl_apidocs in your terminal. This command installs the necessary package for generating your documentation.
Clone the Repository (If Necessary):
If your project is not on your local machine, clone it using git clone <repository_url>.
Setting Up Environment Variables (Optional)
  • In your project's root, create a .knowlenv file and add KNOWL_API_KEY=your_knowl_api_key.
  • Sign up/log in at for KNOWL_API_KEY. Add
Note: This step is essential for full API documentation generation. Without the KNOWL_API_KEY, running the script will only produce an openapi.yaml file in your repository.
Generate Your API Documentation:
  • Navigate to your repository’s directory and execute knowl_apidocs <path_to_your_repository>.
  • This generates the documentation in an api-reference folder.
Access Your API Documentation:
  • Log in to to view your API documentation, assuming you've set the KNOWL_API_KEY correctly.
  • The documentation generation process may take a few minutes. You'll receive an email notification once it's successfully generated.
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